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Danny Jaekel, minister

I work as an evangelist with the Westside Church of Christ in Ames, Iowa.  For your interest let me provide you with a sketch of my time as a minister of the gospel.


My wife, Patricia, and I were baptized in Juneau, Alaska.  Becoming convinced about some teachings of Jesus which I thought many people did not know, early on I became public with my faith.    


As an enlisted person in the US Coast Guard, we were transferred to North Carolina for a short time; then to North Bend, Oregon.  During our 6 years there we were involved with many aspects of the work of the church including children's classes and worship, youth activities, and studying the Bible with people in their homes. 


After a few years there, an elder, Ollie Blakey, mentioned that I could do the same kind of work I was doing as a volunteer and also make a living while doing it.  That's the first time it occurred to me to make ministry my vocation.


After graduating from Oklahoma Christian College we and our 4 children moved to the Twin Cities area to work with a fairly new congregation.  Then we joined Pete and Phyllis Nuthak and their 4 children in Duluth, Minnesota, to preach and reach out with the gospel as a team.  We worked together for about 21 years establishing a new assembly of Christians.


Pete left to preach in Pennsylvania.  We stayed another 4 years, then moved to work with the church in Charleston, Missouri.  Finally after 4 years we moved to Ames, Iowa, in the Fall of 2015.


I'm thankful to countless Christians who have provided monetary gifts for our family that I might continue in this work.  And without my wife's contribution of support of every kind, I could not have done it.  For His good provisions we praise God through Jesus Christ the Lord.


Our 4 children and their spouses are all Christians (as well as some of their children.)  A couple have worked in ministry themselves, and the others are productive in their own lines of work.


I would be glad to speak with you about anything, and especially concerning our respective journeys of faith - or of no faith!  I have also had experience with that.

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